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  • Dénia Properties -Els Poblets
  • Dénia Properties -Els Poblets
  • Dénia Properties -Els Poblets
  • Dénia Properties -Els Poblets
  • Dénia Properties -Els Poblets
  • Dénia Properties -Els Poblets


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In the urban and rural landscape of this municipality is diluted an Arab origin who was born in the presence of three small farmhouses, "Els Llocs", which gave rise to Setla, Mirarosa and Miraflor, popularly known by the name of Els Poblets, definitively United in 1971 with the passage of time. On November 25, 1991, by Decree 216/91, of the Consell de la Generalitat Valenciana the name change was agreed the municipality. That it became officially known as Els Poblets. The coastal strip of this town, is home to the testimony of the oldest settlers and reminds us that we are on the path give it Via Augusta, that linked the entire Mediterranean coast of Hispania. At the Roman site of l´Almadrava, we find several dwellings belonging to pottery, clay deposits, workshops and rooms for workers.

Between the sea breeze and a quiet sun

Els Poblets, flanked by an important hydrological artery, the river Girona, still welcomes us in a relaxing atmosphere, family; in a small parenthesis of calm survive where, in the course of its streets and its rural roads, buildings which invite you to calm and curious walk. Silenced witnesses of an eminently agricultural environment, farm houses and mills that centralized the collection of the olive, almond, and of course, of the vine.And in the city centre, two temples: the parish of el Salvador, with the traditional steeple increasingly difficult to observe, that houses the venerated image of the pattern of this town presiding over a magnificent altarpiece and the small church of Sant Josep.

Read more: Ayuntamiento de Els Poblets

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