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"L'Artesania".. This is how described Gata de Gorgos, a town of whitewashed houses that offers pure Mediterranean ambient and receives the name of the river that bathes it.

The tradition "lives" in Gata, which has been able to overcome adversity and taking advantage of them and without leaving their ancestral activity, agriculture and handicraft of esparto and wicker. Baskets, furniture, hats, all out of the hands of artisans, who have made the traditional source of wealth.

The greater national and international distinction of Gata de Gorgos is the tradition craft manufacturing of baskets of Palm, Esparto grass, Wicker, etc., present for centuries.

It is completely handmade with vegetable fibers and Spanish products, unsurpassed quality, is selected, Treaty and drying in the traditional manner, by natural processes, eco-friendly 100% environmentally friendly. There are occasions in which beauty and industriousness of these works is completely palpable.

Artisan knowledge, inherited from several generations, these baskets braid one by one, until the most beautiful objects, always practical and durable, incorporating every day new trends and more contemporary tastes.

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